What if we could visualise how mutations change the surface of cancer cells? Explore what makes them distinct? It would enable us to identify the best possible targets and design medicines that specifically recognise and kill cancer cells.

At Imuno we broaden the repertoire of cancer-specific epitopes to lay the foundation for novel targeted therapies. It is our ambition to build a best-in-class artificial intelligence platform to accurately identify cancer-escape epitopes, and to grow our off-the-shelf portfolio of targeted therapies.

Accurate cross-reactivity prediction

Imuno is pioneering the power of machine learning to build a structure-based discovery engine to identify cancer-specific epitopes that can be exploited by novel therapeutic strategies. Our discovery engine identifies potential cross-reactive epitopes, providing a cohesive link with conventional in-vitro safety studies. It delivers missing information and better guidance to develop safe therapies.

Partnership opportunities

Our technology.platform 


Founded by a pioneering scientist who embraced himself with leading experts in the biopharmaceutical industry. Imuno has the right skillset, and a team with decades of experience developing groundbreaking life-sciences companies. As such, Imuno is ready to build a successful biopharmaceutical company developing next-generation targeted therapies. 

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