Identifying novel targets for cancer immunotherapy

Exploiting  the power of machine learning and structural modelling
Applying machine learning and structural modelling technology to develop TCR(like) therapies with no cross-reactivity.


Cancer-specific antigens expressed by almost all tumor types.

TCR(like) therapies

An effective & scalable way to target neoantigens.

No cross-reactivity

Imuno’s technology enables the development of fully specific anti-cancer therapies.


What if we could visualise how mutations change the surface of cancer cells? Explore what makes them distinct? It would enable us to identify unique targets and best-in-class therapies.
At Imuno we broaden the repertoire of cancer-specific antigens to lay the foundation for novel therapies. We are building a best-in-class machine learning platform to identify novel targets and engineer safe and effective therapies.

Our platform

Target identification

Structural modelling


Cross-reactivity prediction

Laboratory validation

Drug development

Accurate cross-reactivity prediction

We have built a structure-based discovery engine to identify cancer-specific epitopes that can be exploited by novel therapeutic strategies. Our discovery engine identifies potential cross-reactive epitopes, providing a cohesive link with conventional in-vitro safety studies. It delivers missing information and better guidance to develop safe therapies.

Imuno's platform has several unique advantages

More accurate and faster than conventional cross-reactivity screening methods

Integration of gene expression, proteasomal cleavage and peptide-HLA affinity

Ability to screen cross-reactivity for any cell type (full coverage of proteome)

The future is
precision therapy!




TCR(like) therapies may cross-react with self-peptides and induce toxicity

The Team

Providing benefit for oncology patients is a challenge. But we are motivated to make a difference. It is our mission to engineer precision therapies for patients with hard to treat cancers by exploiting the power of machine learning.


Roberto makes sure our neoantigens take on the right conformation and identifies which are unique. Trained as biologist and data scientist, Roberto has worked in the field of neoantigen discovery.

New office

Winter 2022


Simona makes sure our platforms keeps improving by defining the right AI-based strategies for neoantigen target discovery and valdiation. She holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam.


Joanna designs experiments to create and assess Imuno’s neoantigen-targeting drugs. She previously worked in infectious disease and cancer vaccinology and holds a PhD in Immunology from Trinity College Dublin.

Antibody development

Winter 2022

Launch of version 2.0

Summer 2022


Jan-Jaap makes sure the team has great coffee and that everyone is as motivated as possible to realise our mission.

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