A new approach to fight cancer

Imuno is pioneering the power of machine learning to build a structure-based discovery engine to identify cancer-specific epitopes that can be exploited by novel therapeutic strategies. Our discovery engine not only identifies epitopes that are 100% unique to a patient's tumor, it selects those have the best properties for therapeutic targeting.



Cures remain elusive

Conventional therapies are directed against targets that are over expressed on cancer cells. Next to the challenge that these therapies also bind healthy cells, the problem is that only a small number of cancers express these targets - leaving most patients with radiotherapy, surgery or chemotherapy as the sole option.


At Imuno we combine the power of genetic sequencing and structural modeling to select cancer-specific epitopes - also known as neo-epitopes - on the cancer cell surface of a patient's tumor. Our discovery platform can rapidly identify neo-epitopes that are truly unique, enabling Imuno to lead the way to design patient-specific immunotherapies.



Identifying unique binding properties

Our technological platform can accurately predict 3D-models of neo-epitopes with the purpose to select those that have unique properties for therapeutic targeting. In combination with conventional tools one can for the first time select neo-epitopes that are not only expressed in large numbers, but also have the right properties for therapeutic interventions like vaccination and or T-cell receptor based therapies.


At Imuno we broaden the repertoire of cancer-specific epitopes to lay the foundation for novel targeted therapies. The evolutionary drive of all cancers is to escape recognition by the immune system. Imuno's philosophy is therefore to identify these cancer-escape epitopes and treat these with antibody therapies that do not require assistance from the immune system. It is our ambition to built a best-in-class artificial intelligence platform to accurately identify cancer-escape epitopes, and to grow our off-the-shelf portfolio of targeted therapies.